All about little old me!

Here’s a few random things to get to know me…

• I don’t talk in the 3rd person unless I’m trying to be ridiculous.

• I like being ridiculous and making people laugh.

• I have 2 children who are very strange and it makes me well up with pride.

• I play soccer and am always looking for more girls to play on my team. Wanna play?

• I do improv, writing and acting.  Whether not I’m good at it is beside the point.  It’s a lot of fun.

• I lived in California almost all my life.  Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.  Only place I’ve lived outside of CA was in London for 3.5 years.  Awesome experience, I recommend it.

•  I love the beach. Best place to take your kids and they will behave. It’s like having the day off except you have to do a head count every minute and they keep asking you for food. Bring lots of food, they get hungry at the beach!

• I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers and I’m the youngest. People always said “Oh, were you spoiled?” Not exactly. It was more like sink or swim. I survived those rough 18 years to tell you my story today. 😉 I really love having so many brothers and sisters.  It is crazy and fun when we get together.

• I LOVE photography.  Is that random? No? Well then I won’t tell you that, but I will tell you that I love people.  Each person is so unique and special.  I’m not just feeding this to you.  The one on one interactions with my clients has been so much fun.  We just talk, tell stories and I get to know each person.  Connecting with my clients is usually as simple as telling my most embarrassing stories and boy are they good.  Basically my sessions are the best first date you’ve ever had.  (Insert awkward pause) Any-who, I’ll close with this…  I want my clients to see their real personality come through the photos because in my opinion that is what makes a good photograph, seeing the real you.