1 Year Olds Rule the World

When you turn one, are adorable, and your personality is on point you basically rule the world.  One afternoon I chased this toddler around and he flashed his charming smile my way.  His eyes and smile melted me.  We just had fun and played the whole time.  He was going to do his thing and I followed, sweated, played, and had fun.

Seeing his face made me think of something that’s been on my mind…

Volunteering  at my children’s school.  There are a few reasons why I do and it’s hard to balance time with work and everything else I have going on, but here is why:

1. My children love it and I can tell they feel proud. “That’s my mom.”  “My mom is funny.”  Little comments like that and I know when they turn a certain age they won’t feel that way anymore.  So I do it for them because it makes them feel special.

2. I like being in the halls at school.  I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s getting to slowly browse the artwork on the walls, or getting to see parents faces and my brief encounters with them.  Or just seeing old teachers and saying hi.  I haven’t pin pointed it yet, but just thinking about it makes me well up.  And that’s when I think… Dang Ashley, you’re weird go get more therapy.

3.  I like getting to know the students.  I know so many students my children have been in class with and I love when they say hi to me in the halls.  I just think children are special and have special spirits.  They are wild and crazy but I love that about them.  Sometimes they are sad and you just want them to know you are rooting for them.  I love being a part of this community and that’s why I do my little part to help.